Japanese Vogue words Award 2016: 流行語大賞

Japanese Vogue words Award

Happy new year 2017!!! Thank you all for visiting dicethekamikaze.com, I will keep update more in 2017.

The first post in 2017 is about Japanese Vogue words Award 2016. Since 2013, I have been posting a Japanese vogue words awards (流行語大賞 /ryukou-go taisho/) every year.

This award is one of the traditional events in end of year holiday season. This award was started in 1984 selecting Top 10 words and grand prizes by U-CAN(a Japanese education support company). Every year, there are buzzing words that everyone is using or the representative of the year, or words that often used on TV shows. These words are the highlight of the year in Japan.

Japanese Vogue words Award 2016 Grand Prize

神ってる: /kami tteru/  lit., doing God “like God”

by Koichi Ogata and Seiya Suzuki (Hiroshima Toyo Carp)

Hiroshima Toyo Carp is a professional baseball team in Japan.

This is one of the scene it’s “kami-tteru”

“kamitteru” was used by the team manager, Koichi Ogata to describe Seiya Suzuki’s performance during the world series in Japanese pro baseball.

here is the actual quote as in the picture above


Describing words in modern way, it is “kamitteru”

Linguistically speaking, Noun + tteru means “like noun” which is ungrammatical, but commonly used by the young generations. I will explain more about this linguistically in a future post.

Top 10 nominated prizes

■「ゲス不倫」/Gesu Furin/ : “mean adultery”

Shukan Bunshu editorial department

■「聖地巡礼」/Seichi Zyunrei/:”a pilgrimage to the Holy Land”

Hideki Tomita

■「トランプ現象」:”Trump phenomenon”



■「保育園落ちた日本死ね」/Hoiku-en ochita Nihon Shine/:”rejected by entering Preschool, so die Japan”

Shiori Yamao(a member of the House of Representatives)


Yuto Nagatomo(Intel football, Italy)、Airi Taira(actress)


Niantic, inc.、Pokemon, inc.

■「マイナス金利」/Nainasu Kinri/:”Minus interest”

Bank of Japan

■「盛り土」/morido/:  “embankment”

prize winner refuse to accept

Hope you all have a great year!!!

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