Black companies in Japan.


Currently, a survey of undesirable fields to work among new college graduates of 2015 released from HR Research Institute.
An interesting point of Japanese recruitment system is dividing “BA” called Bunkei(文系 /liberal arts) and “BS” called Rikei (理系 /science course). I have heard from many people which type you are in these field and the stereo types of these are very strong in Japan.

The ranking of undesirable fields for BA and BS are:


1. the food‐service industry

2. Medical and welfare

3. Insurance

4. mega banks

5. Games and entertainments


1. the food‐service industry

2. Insurance

3. mega bank

4. foreign owned finance

5. medical and welfare

The reason why these field is avoided by the new graduates is “number of BLACK COMPANIES” in those fields.

What’s black companies?
According to Wikipedia

A Black Company (ブラック企業 Burakku kigyo?), also referred to in English as a black corporation or black business, is a Japanese term for an exploitative sweatshop-type employment system.
While the term “sweatshop” is associated with manufacturing, and the garment trade in particular, in Japan black companies are not necessarily associated with the clothing industry, but more often with office work.


Here is the list of Black companies in Japan awarded by Black Companies in 2013 (Unofficial awards).

1. Watami food service

2. Cross company

3. Bennesse corporation

4. Sun challenge

5. Oosho food service

6. Seino Unyu

7. Tokyu Hands

8. Tohoku university


As listed, there are 2 big food service chain “Oosho” and “Watami” is ranked-in.
If you are planning to work in Japan, avoid these companies or you become “corporate slave ” (社畜 /shachiku).