Mathematics in Japan

There are stereotypes for Asians, eat wired food, short, skinny, etc…; however, not always bad stereotypes.When I was in the US, some of my colleagues told me “you should be good at math because you are Asian”. hahah. Well, this could be true, I guess Japanese compulsory education offers higher level of mathematics classes than US schools.

It is true that I have never taken any undergraduate math classes except Stats in my college life in the US because I passed the exam. The GRE quantitative  score is of course better than verbal for most of Asian students I believe.

This is why Japanese people are so good at Mathematics. Japanese culture has higher expectations on mathematics. When I was learning mathematics in high school, I have never thought about the real life application for math, but here it is.



This picture shows the measurement of looking a mini skirt woman’s panty on stairs. This page is actually taken from one of the mathematics textbook.

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