Let’s enjoy Koushuben (Yamanashi dialect) からかう/Karakau/



 source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4a/Dmitry_G_is_repairing_tanning_bed.JPG/640px-Dmitry_G_is_repairing_tanning_bed.JPG

からかう (Karakau)

Standard Japanese meaning

 Standard Japanese:

make fun of somebody
play a joke on somebody

If you are asked

“Tv wo karakatte miteyo”
TV      -wo           make fun of             try
Please try make fun of TV

Don’t worry about that the Yamanashi person is not crazy or going senile, or asking you to joke him. Yamanashi people are not much friendly like people from Osaka. The person is actually asking to “please try to fix this TV”. If Yamanashi dialect, “Karakau” is used to fix something or repair something.

Yamanashi dialect

To repair
To fix

For example,

“Hatake wo karakau”
farm wo fix
fixing a farm

“Kuruma wo karakau”
car wo repair
repairing a car

Now you are ready to Yamanashi people who have trouble to fix something.

Yamanashi dialect (Koshuben) continues.