Let’s enjoy Koshuben(Yamanashi dialect) こぴっと/kopitto

こぴっと /kopi tto/ Adv.


In standard Japanese, Kopitto is “しっかり Shikkari”.

Shikkari can be translated as “properly”, “tightly”, “strong”, “well”, “firmly” and etc… This word is very context dependent.

The word “Kopitto” is one of the best known Yamanashi dialects, and the last year became known throughout the country  by a TV drama show: “Hanako to Ann“.

“Hanako to Ann” is story about a translator, “Hanako Okamura”(1893-1968). Her well known work is translation of “Anne of Green Gables“.

You can hear it from the video below. (around 1:07)

She is saying

“Kopitto Genkini natta”
strongly  energetic became
“Became strongly better”

More usage of “Kopitto” is

Kopitto shiro
“pull yourself together”

The origin of this word is unknown, but it might be derived from the word “ぴっとPitto”. “Pitto” is a mimetic word describing things are very straight and taut.

Let’s learn Yamanashi dialect properly!!