Interesting Janglish words (和製英語 wasei-eigo)

Japanese has an interesting way to describe western terms which can not be directly translated into Japanese. Japanese uses “カタカナKatakana” for them, especially proper nouns such as “Grand Canyon” = グランドキャニオン which many American students had a hard time to write it correctly. There are linguistic aspects on this translation which I am not going to explain in here.

Moreover, there are words and terms in Katakana only exists in Japan. These are called “Janglish” or “和製英語 wasei eigo” which are the Japanese words consist of one or more English words. Often Japanese people misunderstands Janglish as English words. I believe that some words are from not only from English, but also from other languages; for example, “カステラ Castella” is derived from Portuguese meaning “sponge cake”. The words in the list below might be these borrowing words “外来語 gairaigo” from other languages.

Here is the list of Janglish words I though interesting.

Wordcombined English wordsEnglish meaning
シーチキン sichikinsea chicken canned tuna
 テレビゲーム terebi gaimu TV Game Video Game
 ノートPC noto pi si Note PC laptop
 サラリーマン sarari man salary men company employee
 アパート apato    apart apartment
 ガソリンスタンド gasorin sutando gasoline stand gas station
 トイレ toire toilet bathroom
 トランプ toranpu trump playing cards
 リップクリーム lipu criimu
lip cream chapstick
 ライブハウス raibu hausu live house venue of live music

I will go into the details of Katakana usage in Japanese, and will expand the list of Janglish soon.



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