Moving in Japan Contract and basic terms.

契約 (Keiyaku) : a contract

When you are planning to move in Japan (引越/hikkoshi/). One of the most important things is a “contract” (I know contracts in foreign language is always pain in ass) for moving into new places. My last blog posted was steps of moving in Japan, and in this post I will go through the basic terms and contracts in more details.

Basic Terms

The table below shows basic terms used often in moving process in Japan.

JapanesepronunciationEnglish wordoccasion
礼金(れいきん)/reikin/key money(usually non-refundable)Seach/contract
契約期間(けいやくきかん)/kejaku kikan/contract periodSeach/contract
更新(こうしん)/koʃin/renewal (for contract)Seach/contract
共益費(きょうえきひ)/kjoekihi/condo fees(usually monthly)Seach/contract
賃料(ちんりょう)/tʃinɾjo/monthly rentSeach/contract
住民票(じゅうみんひょう)/dʒuminhjo/a certificate of residence(ID)contract
外国人登録書(がいこくじんとうろくしょ)/gaikoku zin toɾoku ʃo/an alien registration cardcontract
振込(ふりこみ)/ɸuɾikomi/bank deposit transfercontract
源泉徴収票(げんせんちょうしゅうひょう)/gensen çoʃuhjo/tax-income certificatecontract
連絡先(れんらくさき)/ɾenɾaku saki/contactssearch/contract
木造(もくぞう)/mokuzo/a wooden buildingsearch/contract
鉄筋(てっきん)/tekin/a reinforced concrete buildingsearch/contract
築~年(ちく〜ねん)/tsiku ~ nen/age of the buildingsearch/contract
徒歩(とほ)/toho/distance by walksearch/contract
~畳(〜じょう)/ᵭʒou/a size of tatami mat (about 5 6 ft × 3 ft))search/contract
~階建(〜かいだて)/~kaidate/N-story buildingsearch/contract

Contract: An example


source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourrism 

The contract above is from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism of Japan (国土交通省). Usually, real estate agencies follow the format. There are about 6 pages, the 1st and 2nd is basically information of the building, the room, and your information. The other part is basic agreements between tenants and owners and legal agreement.

On this entry, I am showing and explaining only first 2 pages of the example.




If you are having trouble to find an apartments, read agreements, and moving in Japan, feel free to contact me.

I am hoping this information helps you moving in Japan, and easing your communication with owners and real estate agencies. I understand that moving in foreign countries is such a pain. I had lots of troubles with agencies and owners when I was in the U.S.