Pokemon nests in Tokyo: where is it?

Pokemon nests in Tokyo

On July 22nd, PokemonGo finally released in the birthplace of Pokemon. Interesting thing is that McDonald, Japan is the first sponsor location. Gym is located in every McDonalds in Japan.

It’s been a few days since its release, but it already spreads and leads huge impact on Japanese economy.

In PokemonGo, there are certain places called “Pokemon nests” where particular rare Pokemon frequently appear. Where to get Pokemon in Tokyo? and where are the nests? In this post, I list all the nests revealed in Tokyo so far.

List of Pokemon nests in Tokyo.

Pokemon nests in Tokyo are locate in parks or gardens. On weekend, there are so many people are visiting these parks.

Japan is in the middle of Summer and rainy time, so when you are planning to visit these parks during the day time, you need to be careful on heatstroke.

Koren/公園 means ‘park/’

Pokemon name


Nest place with map
フシギダネ(Fushigidane)/BulbasaurKinshi-park 錦糸公園
イーブイ/EeveeKinshi-park 錦糸公園
ストライク/Scyther駒沢オリンピック公園/Komazawa-Olympic park
ルージュラ/Jynx新左近川親水公園/Shinsakongawa-sinsui park
井の頭恩賜公園/Inokashira-onshi koen
稲城中央公園/Inagi chuo Koen
ブーバー/Magmar上野公園/Ueno park
ヤドン/Slowpoke浜離宮庭園/Hamarikyu entei
ミニリュウ/Dratini世田谷公園/Setagaya park
ベロリンガ/Lickitung亀戸中央公園/Kamedo chuo park
小金井公園/koganei park
パウワウ/Seel平和の森/Heiwa no mori
カブト/Kabuto善福寺川公園/Senpukujikawa park

For more info, this map updates the nests in all over Japan.


Setagaya and Komazawa-Olympic park: My adventure

I visited Komazawa-Olumpic park and Setagaya Park this weekend, and there are so many Pokemon trainers catching rare Pokemons; however, often Japanese parks are not big enough to hold PokemonGo users in Tokyo.

Setagaya Park was like this. I got some Scythers in here. I was at Setagaya park on Saturday around 07:00 p.m, it was not too crowded. This park is fairly big. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komazawa_Olympic_Park  This park is always my favorite place to run and jog.

Pokemon nests Setagaya

Setagaya park:


Setagaya pokemon nest

Setagaya park is much smaller and easier to access from stations than Komazawa park. This caused Setagaya park very packed especially, Setagaya park is the nest of Dratini which evolves to Dragonite, which is said to be the strongest Pokemon so far. I was there Sunday around 19:00p.m, there were still so many people around the park. I heard from neighbors around Setagaya park, the peak time of Pokemon trainers were around 16:00p.m to 19:00 p.m. A elder women who walks with her dog everyday around the time claims the pollution of the park and wonder how long this goes on, and hoping it comes down soon.

I am hoping everyone enjoys catching rare Pokemons in Tokyo with respects.


Pokemon nests in Tokyo has been shuffled.

Check out this blog entry for the updates:

Pokémon nests in Tokyo Updated: 09/03/2016

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