Image of Japan in the world. Japan brand image 2014.


What comes to your mind when you heard the word “Japan”?

Sushi? Anime? Samurai?

Here is the interesting facts about Japan from outside world.

Recently, one of the biggest Japanese advertising agencies, DENTSU (電通), released a “Annual Japan brand image survey”. (
The survey was conducted on-line in 18 countries and regions (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, The  Philippines, USA, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italia, Russia); total of 3600 people (200 each). The survey describes the level of positive feelings, and impressions and interests of Japan and Japan brand in these countries.

According to the survey,

The ranking of the countries which answered “I like Japan” the most:

the ranking of countries expressed positive feelings to Japan
Ranking     country
7Hong Kong
8The Philippines

People who favour Japan and Japan brand tend to be interested in modern sub-culture and contents(characters, fashion, and movies).

–  especially , those people in the counties which scored lower positive feelings to Japan and Japan brand such as Korea, USA, English, Russia, and Germany, expressed strong interests on sub-culture and contents.

– Korea (Music)

–  USA and Germany (Fashion)

– England (Anime, manga)

– Russia (movies)

the most interesting thing in Japan.

1) food

2) travel

3) Fashion

Sushi boom occurred all over the world in the last few years, and I believe that the image of “Sushi” is not “edomae suchi”, but “rolls”. Interestingly, the Japan brand vegetables are rated highly in many countries such as US, Russia, and India.
Other than Sushi, “Yakitori /Japanese style skewers/” are also popular in Europe. In this couple years, Ramen boom has been breaking out the US, Europe, and ASEAN countries. I predict that Ramen would overtake the sushi in the next few years.
For fashions, Japanese apparel companies are making inroad into ASEAN markets and growing their sales widely.


Top 10: Things better than anywhere else

10. Video games


9. Transportation infrastructure


Japan has been working on “a magnetic levitation train” a.k.a liner motor car over the decades. They are planning to release it for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.  For more info on liner motor car

8. Environmental technology


7. Food


6. 3D technology

5. Precision engineering


4. Motor vehicles

motorcycle cars

3. Robotics


2. Anime/mange


1. Consumer Electrics


the image of Japan made brands

1 high technology
2 high-perfomance
3 trustful
4 well-made
5 durable

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